Mariner Resources

Here is a list of our some useful links for your everyday boating needs. We hope this list is helpful with all that you need before you get underway. If you have suggestions about other links to include, send us an email.


NOAA Satellite Images

A direct link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website which contains updated satellite weather images of Florida and the Caribbean.   

Nowcoast Coastal Weather Information

This is a link to NOAA's Nowcoast coastal weather information which provides constant updated reports on coastal weather. Just point your mouse to the area on the map for the written update. Be sure that your pop up blocker is off on your computer to make this website work properly.

Weather Underground

A link to Weather Underground that contains coastal information from Mobile, Alabama to South Florida. This site has coastal information for the entire continental United States. Each region you choose contains tide tables, sea surface temperature, and sea height information as well.

A great site to marinas all over the world. Each marina is featured with photographs, services provided, amenities, rates, and their contact information. A great site to help plan your trips ahead of time.

A great site that contains a free downloadable NAVRULES course that is very easy to use.

This site offers an online basic boating course which is state specific. The course is free however there is a fee to take the final exam. Upon completion of the final exam, a completion certificate is mailed to you.

One of the world's largest websites for new and used boats for sale. This website features both sail and power boats from all over the world. 

Florida Antique Boat Registration

Here is a little known fact that many Florida boat owners may not know. According to Florida State Statute 328.72 (2)(a), "A vessel that is at least 30 years old, used only for recreational purposes, and powered by the vessel’s original-type power plant may be registered as an antique vessel. When applying for registration as an antique vessel, the owner of such a vessel shall submit certification, as prescribed by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or from a marine surveyor that the vessel meets the requirements of this paragraph." This means if your boat qualifies under this statute, then your vessel will become exempt from annual state registration fees. The link for more information is on the left. To download the actual state form, click here 


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